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Honeywell Safety Products

News article

05 March 2018 | SHE

Digital technology that meets the needs of the younger generation is key to combating occupational hearing loss

18 November 2017 | SHE

HydroShield now available throughout Europe on top-selling Honeywell safety eyewear products

Wireless headset from Honeywell
18 July 2017 | SHE

Earmuffs with integrated Bluetooth technology allow workers to stay both connected and protected

Sotera safety software platform
20 June 2017 | SHE

Company launches new connected worker software aimed at boosting safety and productivity

28 February 2017 | SHE

New video to raise awareness of the life-changing consequences of noise-induced hearing damage

Safety gloves
12 July 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Honeywell Vertigo Check & Go cut-resistant gloves said to take strength and comfort to new heights

Sean Clay
01 December 2015 | SHE

Company integrating hardware, software and services to create Connected Safety Solutions

C&G Skeleton gloves
11 August 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Honeywell launch two new innovative colour-coded cut-resistant gloves for rugged environments

Miller H-design fall-arrest kit
14 July 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Honeywell launch six new Miller H-Design all-in-one solutions for working at height

DeepBlue winter gloves
02 December 2014 | Plant & Equipment

New gloves designed to keep workers hands safe and warm in industrial applications

Honeywell's Peak hard hat
04 November 2014 | Plant & Equipment

New line of hard hats reaches new peaks in levels of protection, comfort and user acceptance

Honeywell safety harness
07 October 2014 | Plant & Equipment

Latest Miller H-Design harness offers faster donning and greater freedom of movement

Turboshield face shield
09 September 2014 | Plant & Equipment | 1 Comment

Honeywell Safety Products launch revolutionary Turboshield face-protection system

Skeleton gloves
12 August 2014 | Plant & Equipment

New line of protective gloves offer combination of shock absorption and cut resistance

Howard Leight Firm Fit earplugs
15 July 2014 | Plant & Equipment

Latest Howard Leight earplugs offer softer, more comfortable fit and greater hearing protection