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Lens coating delivers longer fog-free protection


HydroShield now available throughout Europe on top-selling Honeywell safety eyewear products

HONEYWELL have announced that their industry-leading HydroShield anti-fog lens coating is now available throughout Europe on the company’s top-selling safety eyewear models, enhancing worker safety with up to 20 times the fog-free protection and two times greater scratch resistance.

Available on Honeywell’s XC, PROTÉGÉ and ADAPTEC eyewear, as well as MAXX PRO goggles, HydroShield’s superior anti-fog performance is said to improve worker safety and productivity while its anti-scratch properties extend lens life.

Launched in the Americas earlier this year, HydroShield’s dual hydrophilic/hydrophobic action ensures that moisture is absorbed by the lens while water droplets are repelled to its sides, helping to keep the lenses clear.

‘Fogging is the number one challenge workers face with safety eyewear. Obscured vision from foggy lenses leads workers to remove eyewear to wipe lenses clear, exposing them to potentially serious injury and reducing productivity,’ said Stephanie Quilliet, strategic product leader-EMEA with Honeywell Industrial Safety.

‘With HydroShield, individuals can work fog-free for longer than ever before, helping them stay safe and focused on the task at hand.’

Permanently bonded to the lens and designed to last even after extended wear or repeated cleanings, HydroShield was tested under the European EN 166/168 standard for personal eye protection.

Under this test, a lens is soaked in water for two hours to simulate the cumulative moisture that lenses are subjected to over time from sweat, washing and work environments. After the lens dries, it is sprayed with steam and the ‘time to fog’ is measured.

According to Honeywell, during the test, HydroShield coated lenses remained fog-free for more than two minutes, outperforming most competitors.

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