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Honeywell introduce new safety harness

Honeywell safety harness

Latest Miller H-Design harness offers faster donning and greater freedom of movement

HONEYWELL have launched their new Miller H-Design harness specifically designed for construction and related applications. Developed following extensive customer research and rigorous field testing to address the challenges associated with putting on traditional harnesses, the H-Design makes adjusting straps and buckles faster, while also offering greater freedom of movement.

‘Designed to put user comfort, flexibility and convenience first, the ergonomic H-shape is the key to the Miller H-Design harness’ explained Céline Verdot, product manager fall protection for Honeywell Safety Products, EMEAI.

‘The large openings on both sides, without a crosspiece, combined with horizontal leg straps create a uniquely comfortable solution. As a result, Miller H-Design provides an unmatched user experience and workers using the harness feel unrestrained in their movements. They can subsequently focus better on the job in hand, leading to an improvement in productivity.’

Available with or without DuraFlex stretch webbing at the shoulders for additional comfort, the Miller H-Design has special features that help it three times faster to put on than traditional harnesses.

These features include: easy to access buckles that offer the ability to make intuitive adjustments by pulling from the top, down (unlike traditional harness buckles that require pulling from the bottom, up); as well as a chest strap that can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit.

Customers can choose from two easy-to-access front anchor point options: two large, thin webbing loops; or a patented sternal D-ring that helps centre workers in the event of a fall to prevent them from tilting sideways. The back D-ring of the H-Design is positioned at an angle to make it easy to reach and connect to.

The highly visible stitching and fall indicators positioned on front web loops and back plate ensures inspection of the H-Design harness is simple for safety managers and workers.  The harness also comes with protected traceability labels to support inspection records. Water-repellent and stain free webbing help make the H-Design durable, reducing total cost of ownership. In addition, the harness meets the requirements of EN 361:2002 and is certified for use up to 140kg.

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