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Hand protection by numbers

C&G Skeleton gloves

Honeywell launch two new innovative colour-coded cut-resistant gloves for rugged environments

HONEYWELL have introduced two new cut-resistant gloves featuring an innovative colour-coded numbering system to help safety managers ensure at a glance that workers are wearing the right protection for their level of cut injury risk.

The Check & Go (C&G) DeepTril and Skeleton gloves are suitable for a number of industries including oil and gas, construction, rail, transport, manufacturing and maintenance.

‘With cut-resistance levels 1, 3 and 5 clearly indicated on the back of each glove, the C&G DeepTril and C&G Skeleton gloves incorporate the EN388 cut performance level number in an easily readable format within the glove design,’ said Stephanie Quilliet, product manager - hand protection with Honeywell Safety Products EMEA.

She added: ‘The new products combine cut protection with additional features such as armour, making them ideal for rugged environments.’

The colour-coded recognition system helps safety managers ensure workers are wearing the right gloves for their level of cut injury risk. Large red, orange and green numerals indicating cut resistance levels can be seen on the back of all of the gloves.

The C&G DeepTril is designed for workers requiring a high-performance alternative to traditional leather gloves, particularly in the construction sector. Manufactured using knitted, dipped technology and made from 13-gauge fibre, the gloves are lightweight, comfortable and flexible and have a fully dipped nitrile foam coating to provide protection from liquid splashes.

Available in EN388 cut protection levels 1, 3 or 5, they offer enhanced grip in both wet and dry applications, and excellent abrasion performance for longer glove life.

With reinforced exterior rubber armour to protect the bones in the back of the hand, the fingers and the fingernails, C&G Skeleton offers a combination of cut resistance and enhanced impact protection.

The high-visibility C&G Skeleton 1 is made from fibre polyester for use in general-purpose environments, while the C&G Skeleton 3 is made with high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) for the handling of sharp objects in dry and oily environments.

The highest form of protection, found in the C&G Skeleton 5, utilizes composite and Kevlar materials to provide cut resistance and is particularly suitable for those handling sharp objects in frequently wet or greasy environments.

C&G Skeleton gloves use fully knitted, dipped technology, reducing the risk of tearing at the seams – a common problem with cut-and-sewn gloves. This also ensures the gloves are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and that users’ dexterity is not compromised.

All of the gloves have a long lifespan and can be washed regularly at 40°C without affecting performance. They also meet the EN420 standard for general requirements for gloves.

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