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New cut-resistant gloves for workers

Safety gloves

Honeywell Vertigo Check & Go cut-resistant gloves said to take strength and comfort to new heights

HONEYWELL have introduced a new range of extremely strong yet lightweight cut-resistant gloves for workers in a wide range of industries, including maintenance, logistics, utilities and glass recycling.

The new Vertigo Check & Go gloves combine high-performance-polyethylene (HPPE) fibre with a highly visible numbers system to deliver best performance, safety, comfort and durability.

Designed to help safety managers ensure that workers are wearing the right protection for their level of cut injury risk, the new Vertigo Check & Go gloves are reinforced with Honeywell’s innovative Spectra fibre, one of the world’s strongest and lightest man-made fibres, commonly used in high-strength fishing line and bullet-resistant body armour.

The range includes the new Spectra black Vertigo dark-fibre glove, designed specifically for dirty environments. Responding to a growing demand for a glove with cut resistance levels 3 and 5, this product meets industry standard EN388 measures of abrasion, cut, tear and puncture performance.

The Vertigo Check & Go cut-resistant range also is available in white fibre as well as with polyurethane (dry environment) and nitrile (wet and greasy environment) coatings, and in long and short versions.

‘Our guiding principle is to provide gloves that maintain and enhance productivity,’ said Stephanie Quilliet, product manager for general safety at Honeywell Industrial Safety.

‘From our research, we found that workers often find cut-resistant gloves too heavy and uncomfortable to wear, plus white-liner gloves in dirty environments were more likely to be discarded when the dirt became visible.

‘Using Honeywell’s excellent track-record in cut-resistant glove technology and matching it with the innovative Spectra black fibre, we can offer industrial workers the protection, comfort and durability they need when carrying out tasks in challenging industrial environments.’

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