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Honeywell launch Peak hard hats

Honeywell's Peak hard hat

New line of hard hats reaches new peaks in levels of protection, comfort and user acceptance

HONEYWELL have introduced an innovative new line of multi-purpose and customizable hard hats. With a specially designed ribbed ABS outer shell, the Peak hard hats are said to offer high levels of impact resistance, chemical resistance and excellent performance at high and low temperatures.

‘Having observed and spoken to a number of workers using hard hats in extreme environments, we realized there was a need for a product that was not only extremely tough, but also comfortable,’ said Christine Mello-Blonay, senior product manager Honeywell Safety Products, EMEAI.

‘After considering several materials, we developed a ribbed ABS outer shell for the new Peak line, which provides very high impact strength, good chemical resistance and extreme temperature performance from +50°C down to –30°C.’

In addition to the development of the ABS outer shell, the new hard hats offer a number of features to ensure superior levels of comfort throughout the day so that workers will want to wear them. These include a ‘rain trough’ design that helps prevent the wearer from getting wet in rainy weather.

The hard hats are also available with two different adjustment systems – pin lock or ratchet – which use the natural shape of the head to create a firm but comfortable fit. The Peak hard hats also address the issue of PPE interoperability with slots designed to accommodate different styles of helmet-mounted face shields and earmuffs.

Other features include adjustable size and headband height suspension between 52–62cm, a replaceable sweatband system, and padding.

Aesthetics have also been considered with the four hard hats in the new Peak range available in nine different colours. For organizations wanting to add a corporate logo or personalize their hard hats, Honeywell offer high-definition pad printing using a highly durable and abrasion-resistant ink.

The new Peak range of hard hats is certified to the requirements of EN397:1995 for industrial safety helmets and EN50365:2002 for electrically insulated helmets for use in low-voltage installations.

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