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New face shield from Honeywell

Turboshield face shield

Honeywell Safety Products launch revolutionary Turboshield face-protection system

HONEYWELL Safety Products, the world’s largest providers of head-to-toe personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions, have launched Turboshield, the first A-rated face shield on the market.

The Turboshield is a revolutionary new face-protection system with unique, patented and patent-pending features based on rigorous customer research. The Turboshield is said to deliver superior comfort, the easiest visor exchange available, improved protection and optimal balance when worn with a hard hat. The system includes headgear, a hard hat adaptor and replacement visors, all sold separately for maximum versatility.

The Turboshield platform is designed for workers in virtually every industry who are exposed to falling or flying objects, impact, splash and airborne debris.

‘We set out to create a face shield that provides today’s workforce with the protection, comfort and ease of use they need and deserve,’ said Christine Mello, face shields product manager for Honeywell Safety Products.

‘After visiting customers around the world and listening to the challenges facing workers and safety managers, we designed a product that addresses all of their priorities in one truly revolutionary face-protection system.’

The Turboshield headgear delivers superior comfort through a patented, flexible suspension cradle that provides 300% more contact area than traditional suspensions and eliminates pressure points for all-day wear. A patent-pending, secure, push-button release system allows extremely easy visor exchange in seconds, whilst large, ergonomic adjustment knobs allow end-users to achieve a personalized, comfortable fit – even while wearing protective gloves.

The Turboshield hard hat adapter’s patented dual-hinge system allows the visor to slide back 7in for improved balance and weight distribution while increasing overhead clearance by up to 4in. The design also keeps accessory slots open for compatibility with additional PPE, and a unique, integrated brim guard ensures a gap-free fit and added protection from overhead debris.

The hard hat adapter is compatible with caps from Honeywell and most other leading brands. Both the Turboshield headgear and hard hat adapter are also compatible with Honeywell’s complete family of Supervizor specialty visors, including gold-coated, triacetate and acetate, to provide added flexibility to the range.

Turboshield’s unique, toric-shaped visor is said to provide excellent optics, increased field of view and 50% more chin coverage than traditional cylindrical visors, without the need for bulky accessories. Replacement visors are available in clear, grey, UV/IR Shade 3.0 and UV/IR Shade 5.0. Dual anti-scratch/anti-fog lens coating is optional on the clear and grey visors for extended life and reduced fogging.

The Turboshield system is certified to the requirements of EN166.   

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