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Shell Bitumen CarbonSink
30 August 2022 | Asphalt & Surfacing

New biogenic component binder locks carbon within roads to help decarbonize construction

Rick Green
19 July 2022 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Asphalt Industry Alliance explains why, on a hot day, it can appear that the road surface is melting

SuperLow-Carbon asphalt
08 June 2022 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Road network body first to use Aggregate Industries’ new biogenic asphalt on A590 Cross-A-Moor scheme

07 June 2022 | Asphalt & Surfacing

New bio-component binder keeps carbon locked into roads to create technical carbon sinks

20 May 2022 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Core European markets in focus as company downsizes in Central and Western Europe

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A414 in Hertfordshire
17 May 2022 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Innovative asphalt and bitumen solutions from Hanson and Shell used on A414 in Hertfordshire

TotalEnergies UK - Bitumen Division
29 April 2022 | SHE

Bitumen division reminds customers about its dedicated online health and safety platform

Navigator Terminals
01 December 2021 | Asphalt & Surfacing

TotalEnergies Marketing UK and Navigator Terminals enter into bitumen storage agreement

11 September 2021 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Radio system experts find perfect solution for UK bitumen supplier’s two-way radio problem

10 September 2021 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Plans for UK bitumen business will involve significant investment in Nynas’ own assets

Tagged in: NynasBitumen
05 August 2021 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Polymer-modified bitumen containing biogenic material set to reduce carbon footprint of roads

26 July 2021 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Davidson Kempner investment vehicle to acquire entire equity stake in Nynas from Bitumina Industries

27 May 2021 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Tarmac and Shell trial new AgeSafe bitumen designed extend the life of the UK’s roads

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Bitumen safety portal
11 May 2021 | SHE

New platform provides dedicated bitumen industry health and safety training and best practice

12 April 2021 | Asphalt & Surfacing | 1 Comment

New bitumen binder put to the test in long-term study with Highways England and Tarmac