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Sykes Pumps launch new medium head pumps

Sykes pump

Latest MH150/100 pumps deliver fuel economy and flow rates up to 90 litres/s at 1,800 rev/min

PUMP hire specialists Sykes Pumps have added a new range of medium head pumps to their fleet for specialist applications in the mining, quarrying and construction sectors.

The new MH150/100 pumps offer superior fuel economy with a standard running speed of just 1800 rev/min and are suitable for use where high vertical and/or long discharge runs are required.

Chris Graham, pump development director at Sykes Pumps, explained: ‘The new MH150/100 pumps are proof that it’s possible to combine productivity, efficiency and eco-friendly performance. These pumps feature a robust chassis making them suitable for even the toughest environments and roughest terrain, with abrasion and corrosion resistant components to maintain performance, reduce maintenance and drive down life-cycle costs.’

Delivering flow rates up to 90 litres/s with broad curves ensuring high flows at most heads, the new MH150/100 pump offers discharge heads up to 105m and solids handling to 20mm.

Sykes Pumps offer a choice of either open sets or pumps with a super-silenced canopy which gives access to all components for ease of maintenance. Designed to combine high performance with low noise, the super-silenced units have an average noise level of 70dB(A) at 7m.

The MH150/100 pumps feature automatic control panels and optional telemetry facilities to provide remote monitoring and management, highlighting potential maintenance issues before they result in any downtime.

Mr Graham commented: ‘Our clients are looking for pumps that provide high performance, low noise and durability with fuel efficiency – and the new MH150/100 pumps tick all those boxes, which is why we identified it as a suitable addition to our range.

‘Our aim is to offer a diverse selection of solutions that address the operational challenges faced on site by customers while answering corporate goals such as cost-efficiency and environmental best practice.’

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