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LMS fuel-management technology for Banks Mining

Technology investment fuels operational improvements at company’s three active surface mines

INNOVATIVE web-based technology is set to help Banks Mining improve the way in which they utilize fuel resources across their mining operations. The company has commissioned fuel-management specialists Liquid Management Solutions Ltd (LMS) to develop and implement a comprehensive system that will provide real-time data on every aspect of its fuel supply chain across its three active surface coal mines.

The six-figure project investment is being made after the successful completion of a two-year trial at the Rusha surface mine in West Lothian, Scotland.

As well as allowing Banks Mining to more accurately control their fuel usage, the system is also helping to secure new operational efficiencies and decrease plant and vehicle emissions, and it will also assist in achieving compliance with the Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, a new energy-assessment scheme for businesses.

The LMS system provides accurate web-based access to all inbound bulk fuel deliveries from the company’s fuel suppliers, through to daily fuel transfers from static storage tanks to mobile fuel bowsers.

Fuel-management terminals have been installed in each of Banks Mining’s seven mobile fuel bowsers, which automatically identify both the fuel quantity used and engine hours at the point of every fuelling for each item of plant.

Fuel usage by secondary items, such as lighting towers, pumps, generators and subcontractors, is also captured accurately via alternative options to provide a complete commercial analysis of fuel usage, which can then be used to highlight areas where improvements can be made.

Jim Donnelly, divisional director at Banks Mining, said: ‘As well as fuel being a significant business cost that we always need to manage carefully, our ‘Development With Care’ approach commits us to operating our mining sites to the highest environmental standards.

‘We are pleased with the outcomes of the work that Liquid Management Solutions have done with us, which is allowing our fuel use on site to be more closely monitored and controlled, and thus helping us to find better ways of working, reducing our emissions and cutting our costs.

‘We have always tried to set new standards for our industry…and this investment provides another example of Banks Mining’s commitment to working in a safe, responsible and efficient way.’

Kevin Taylor (left of photo), managing director of LMS, added: ‘It has been a real pleasure to work with every individual from Banks Mining, from the management team through to the fuel bowser drivers. The dedication to and focus on improving fuel efficiencies across their operations is clearly visible and commendable, and indicates a strong management focus to invest in proven solutions to control annual fuel spend.’

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