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High praise for Michelin industrial tyre

Michelin XZM industrial tyres rise to new heights in barrel-washer application at Broom Quarry

A LONG and reliable tyre life is a priority in all industrial applications, but rarely more so than when the tyres are fitted to complex machinery operating at a height of 60ft.

Hoddam Contracting, who own Broom Quarry in Newbie, Dumfries & Galloway, began using Michelin XZM industrial tyres on their Finlay barrel-washer during the summer of 2007. The eight Michelin tyres have since completed over 11 million revolutions, covering more than 21,700km each – without a single incidence of tyre-related downtime.

A spokesman at Hoddam Contracting, said: ‘Compared with our previous fitments, this performance is nothing short of outstanding. Tread wear has been minimal; without question, the tread on the Michelins is good for at least another four years’ operation. We’ve not even had to carry out any pressure adjustments to date.’

Previously, the barrel-washer had operated on budget tyres which were fitted as standard when it was purchased second-hand. In comparison, the Michelin XZM tyres have saved significant expenditure on repairs and replacements, while eliminating downtime.

‘In the three years prior to adopting the Michelin policy, we had a total of 15 tyre-related incidents on the barrel-washer. Every time a tyre failed our production was stopped. We had to hire a 25-tonne off-road crane simply to raise the barrel while the tyre technician went up and changed the tyre. It cost us a considerable amount of lost production time and was a nuisance, not to mention the added cost of the crane hire.’

Michelin’s XZM tyres are dedicated industrial fitments more commonly used on materials handling equipment, with many fork-lift truck fleets preferring their radial construction to the solid or cross-ply tyres commonly used. They were recommended to the customer by local tyre specialists Denton Tyres, who felt the XZM’s proven resistance to cuts and damage, combined with strong wear characteristics, would deliver unrivalled reliability and excellent cost-per-hour benefits.

Hoddam Contracting’s spokesman added: ‘It is often presumed that tyres operating 60ft up in the air aren’t at risk of punctures in the same way as a machine or vehicle on the ground.  Unfortunately, that is not the case. However, as the Michelin’s have proven, specifying a quality industrial tyre can significantly reduce the instances of punctures occurring.’

In addition to longer tyre life, the customer has also reported additional tyre-related benefits since the changeover. These include a significant reduction in welding repairs to the oval-shaped barrel, since each Michelin tyre has a flatter crown area, which ensures more even pressure on the barrel. Similarly, wear and tear on the gearboxes, which provide drive to each pair of wheels, has notably reduced.

Ecclefechan-based Hoddam Contracting were established more than 60 years ago and today offer a comprehensive range of concrete products, ranging from paving flags to sand and gravel. The firm operates two quarries – Kilblane Quarry, in Dumfries, and Broom Quarry in Newbie, Annan.

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