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Michelin launch Xtra FlexLife earthmover tyres

Michelin Xtra FlexLife tyres

Company introducing new-generation range with evolving tread pattern for longer wear life

MICHELIN are introducing a completely new generation of earthmover tyres which have been designed to extend tyre life, improve traction and deliver better comfort and stability, compared with the generation of products they replace.

Optimized for fitment to loaders, graders and articulated dumptrucks (ADTs), the new Michelin Xtra FlexLife range will be launched in July 2019 in 29.5 R25 and 875/65 R29 sizes for the OEM and replacement markets, with an additional five sizes (23.5 R25, 26.5 R25, 750/65 R29, 775/65 R29 and 20.5 R25) set to join the line-up in 2020.

The new tyres get their name thanks to Michelin’s flexible design, which allows dealers to stock a single range for use across three vehicle types – with each new tyre replacing two older products.

Their launch will see operators benefit from a tread pattern that evolves with wear, to ensure optimum traction is maintained over a long service life. Uniquely, the look of the new tread pattern was selected following close consultation with 60 major customers from markets around the world.

Annika Girod, Michelin’s segment manager for off-highway transportation in North Europe, explained: ‘We’re bringing something really special to market with the Xtra FlexLife launch; a direct impact of the more than €600 million we invest in research and development every year.

‘The new Xtra FlexLife range will give machinery manufacturers and customers a genuine competitive edge and an impressive new look – with as much as 25% more rubber in the tread to wear down.

‘In testing, we’ve seen tyre life increased by up to 20% on loaders and 10% on ADTs, compared with our previous-generation tyres (the XHA2 and XADN+ respectively) – and that’s just one of the many performance advantages.’

Another benefit introduced with the new tyres is greater comfort and stability, thanks to the ability to run the Michelin Xtra FlexLife tyres at reduced pressures compared with the products they replace – typically around 14.5psi lower on loaders and 11psi lower on ADTs.

As well as ensuring a smoother ride for the driver, reduced machine vibration cuts wear and tear on the vehicle and supports a longer life in service, thereby delivering notable efficiency improvements for the operator.

Volvo Construction Equipment, one of several manufacturers involved in the design and testing of the Xtra FlexLife, are already offering the new tyres as original equipment.

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