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EDA welcomes new member company

FBI Demolidora
FBI Demolidora are among the leading demolition firms in Brazil

FBI Demolidora join the European Demolition Association 

BRAZIL-based FBI Demolidora have confirmed that they have joined the European Demolition Association (EDA), the trade body representing national demolition associations, demolition contractors, and demolition equipment suppliers across the continent.

Founded in 1986, the South American demolition contractor has grown to become one of leading demolition and earthworks companies in Brazil, with a strong reputation for health and safety, reliability, sustainability, and performance.


FBI Demolidora are also at the forefront of recycled aggregate production in the country, reducing the demand for virgin materials and increasing their focus on creating sustainable, affordable recycled materials for the benefit of customers and the environment.

Founded in 1978, the EDA supports technical excellence, safety and best practice, and is a major contributor to the setting of European standards and the passing of health and safety legislation in the industry.

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