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Brigade Electronics

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Brigade Electronics
18 September 2021 | SHE

New guide to vehicle safety solutions aims to help improve efficiency and safety on site

24 July 2021 | Plant & Equipment

Radio frequency identification proximity warning system added to Brigade range of vehicle safety systems

Brigade Electronics
08 March 2021 | SHE

Brigade Electronics highlight the benefits of radar obstacle detection for greater worksite safety

Side-view camera
10 June 2020 | SHE

Emily Hardy from Brigade Electronics provides some technical insight and useful advice

Backsense mud
24 April 2019 | Plant & Equipment

Brigade Electronics to launch next-generation integration module at Plantworx 2019

Brigade warehouse
26 February 2019 | Plant & Equipment

Company says it has taken measures to ensure limited or no impact on its business

Rachel Hutson
05 June 2018 | SHE

Rachel Hutson joins the board in new role as group IT and communications director

Brigade guide to GDPR
18 April 2018 | Plant & Equipment

Brigade create downloadable guide to new data legislation with regards to cameras and recording systems

Vulnerable road user
07 November 2017 | SHE

Company welcomes proposals to incorporate technology into Direct Vision Standard

Backsense Networked Radar
10 May 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Latest integrated vehicle radar and lighting solutions to form focus of Brigade stand

ACS vehicle
23 March 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Latest 3G-capable mobile digital recording (MDR) system with live access proves its worth

Broken vehicle mirror
03 January 2017 | SHE

Brigade Electronics say systems such as Backeye 360 Select offer a viable alternative to mirrors

Brigade Backeye 360
12 July 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Company specifies Backeye 360, MDR and Sidescan systems for entire tipper fleet

Backsense radar obstacle detection system
14 November 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Blind-spot dangers eliminated thanks to Brigade’s Backsense radar obstacle-detection system

Nordic Lights
22 October 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Brigade Electronics to promote and sell Nordic heavy-duty work lights in the UK aftermarket