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Doosan announce new developments on their DA30 and DA40 dumptrucks

First published in the November 2013 issue of Quarry Management as Safe and Productive

Doosan DA30 and DA40 articulated dumptrucks raise the bar even further in quarrying operations

Doosan Construction Equipment have announced several new developments on their DA30 and DA40 articulated dumptrucks aimed at increasing safety and productivity for quarrying, mining, construction and other hauling applications.

The company’s ADT range features an articulation hinge positioned behind the turning ring to provide equal weight distribution during maximum turning and to ensure there is full contact between the tyres and road surface. The dumptrucks also have a flexible and agile undercarriage incorporating a free-swinging rear tandem bogie that delivers permanent six-wheel drive for equal power distribution and effective driving performance in difficult terrain. In addition, the sloping body design enhances the stability of the trucks thanks to its low centre of gravity, and provides faster and easier tipping in the most demanding conditions.

Doosan say this combination of the forward turning point, the unique tandem bogie and the sloping rear frame results in ‘best in class’ rough- and soft-terrain capabilities, and avoids the need for electronic aids such as traction control.

To meet increased safety requirements in the quarrying industry and raise the safety bar even further, Doosan have added a new levelling meter on the DA30 and DA40 models. The system utilizes rotation sensors installed on the front and body of the truck to provide a continuous stream of data that is converted into clear graphical readouts on the control panel. This information tells the driver whether or not it is safe to drive the truck forward and to stop if there is a danger of the body of the truck turning over.

Other new safety features include: Lexan headlight guards, which provide better protection when working in poor light or at night; and a limited maximum speed option for improved safety, especially in the quarrying and mining sectors.

To complement the safety features, Doosan have also developed new systems to provide immediate fault detection in several languages. The fault indication feature, which is presented in larger symbols on the control monitor for greater visibility, offers full troubleshooting to reduce downtime for the end-user.

In addition, Doosan have developed a new payload and cycle count meter for the DA30 and DA40 ADTs, to help increase productivity. The system utilizes load sensors on the front and body sections of the machine to provide an immediate readout of the payload on the cab’s control monitor, with an accuracy of ±5%. The load is registered and counted in the vehicle control unit if the weighing value is at least 3.0 tonnes.

To avoid more than one registration per load, the next registration is not possible before the vehicle has travelled more than 50m or after a timeout of 3min.

The payload is recorded on the colour monitor under the following columns: Total = Total load carried; Trip A = Load carried over a certain period, eg one day (as specified by the operator); and Trip B = Load carried over a certain period, eg one particular haul (as specified by the operator).

The data, which is in Wordpad format and can be easily identified and tracked by assigning it with a unit serial number, can be downloaded to a USB memory stick or sent as an attachment by GPS.

The new Economy mode developed by Doosan automatically controls the engine rated speed on the ADTs when activated. It is ideal for fuel saving on long-distance haul roads. Moreover, the new and improved powertrain and electronics on the DA30 and DA40 models allow Doosan to decrease the rated speed for the engine while ensuring optimal power and torque to further improve fuel efficiency.

Both ADTs have a completely new cab that provides more space and improved visibility for the operator, ‘best in class’ noise levels and a fully automatic climate-control system. For easier operation, Doosan have introduced new electronic systems and simplified fingertip controls with a digital display of all machine functions. 

For routine maintenance and service, the cab can be tilted backwards to provide easy access to components. Easier service access and longer service intervals result in lower operating costs on the DA30 and DA40, and a fully automatic central greasing system and rear-view camera are fitted as standard.

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