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Wacker Neuson unveil exhibits at Hillhead 2014

Wacker 6001 cab dumper

First-time Hillhead exhibitors to showcase proven light and compact equipment

THE Wacker Neuson stand at this year’s Hillhead will feature a range of machines, including the new dual-power 803 excavator, TH412 mini-telehandler and RD27 and RTx rollers. In addition, the superstructure tilt Vertical Digging System (VDS) for compact excavators and 6001 cab dumper will be presented.

‘We are looking forward to the show as Hillhead is widely known for its high proportion of professional attendants’, said Richard Harrison, managing director of Wacker Neuson UK. ‘We will present compact machines that are particularly interesting and innovative.’

Often used to compact cohesive and granular material is the Wacker Neuson remote-controlled RTx trench roller. Thanks to the positioning of the exciter below the axles, an extremely high compaction performance is achieved while the machine has great stability.

With attachment drums, it is easily possible to change between 56cm and 82cm of operating widths. The remote control system on the roller uses infrared technology for maximum safety.

The RD27 roller features additional user-advantages such as a detailed control panel for a quick overview of all functions, as well as a multi-function lever for controlling the vibration options and water supply with one hand. The compact design without a lateral overhang provides more flexibility in use, which also helps make working in the edge regions possible.

Another proven innovation to be exhibited will be the superstructure tilt Vertical Digging System for compact excavators. Mr Harrison explained: ‘The 50Z3 excavator with VDS allows for highly efficient excavation on uneven surfaces. With VDS, customers achieve up to 25% savings in material and time, which means more productivity and efficiency.’

Another proven model is the 6001 cab dumper (pictured). The dumper model has all-wheel drive, cross-country capability and extreme gradeability. Thanks to the cab, the dumper’s field of operations is further expanded, delivering more flexible and cost-effective deployment possibilities.

‘The cabin offers clear advantages with regard to the health, safety and comfort of the operator’, said Mr Harrison. ‘The cab space design has been tried and tested and greatly enhances the dumper’s utility value.’

In addition to the standard diesel engine, the 803 mini-excavator offers a dual power option that can be connected to an external electro-hydraulic drive unit for emission-free applications.

Despite its compact dimensions, the TH412 mini-telehandler has a very good efficiency output. At 2.9m long and 1.6m wide, it achieves a stacking height of 4.3m and can lift up to 1,200kg.

The machine’s all-wheel steering and one-piece frame ensures a high degree of stability on any ground. The telehandler can be configured with a host of performance options and add-on equipment for special applications.

Visitors to the Wacker Neuson stand will also be able to see the 9-tonne 9503 excavator that has a top speed of 40km/h, and the brand new 1.7-tonne EZ17 zero-tail-swing excavator.

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