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Shering launch new weighing system


"Shering Weighing Ltd have launched Shering Command, a software package which, according to the company, is the first system in the world to allow an infinite number of weighbridges to be controlled and monitored from a single command centre across any distance."

"After extensive testing, Shering are confident that the new system will lead to a wide range of benefits for their customers. It can be used to centralize the control and surveillance of any number of weighbridges, allowing the streamlining of operations and bringing a greater degree of accuracy, efficiency and cost savings to weighing systems. A wide range of functions can be operated from the central command point, including: viewing of the weighing system, talking to security staff, and monitoring site processes and equipment."

"The technology behind the Shering Command system is based on a set of modules, each of which controls a different part of the system operation, allowing each module to be developed, managed, deployed and enhanced independently. The system can be tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements. It provides a client-server database- management system which can handle a greater value and range of data than previous management systems."


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