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Rapid International provide concrete mixing solution in Mexico

Northern Ireland-based Rapid International Ltd have provided CEMEX with a key solution for mixing vast amounts of roller-compacted concrete (RCC) for the construction of a dam in Uruapan, Mexico.

RCC has the same constituents as conventional concrete – cement, water and aggregates – but is a dryer mix which is compacted by vibratory rollers. RCC is typically used for concrete pavements due to its cost-effective and durable benefits.

It is also becoming more common in the building of dams. On the Mexican dam construction project, Rapid International have provided a Rapidmix 600C mobile concrete plant, which is capable of mixing 600 tonnes of material per hour.  

The control panel on the mixer allows the operator to store, edit and retrieve up to 30 recipes for the proportioning of different materials. Once mixing is completed by the integrated twin-shaft pugmill mixer, an outloading conveyor transports the concrete on to a conveyor system, which, in turn, delivers the material to the dam.

The RCC is levelled and rolled immediately after placement. This ensures the concrete attains a level of smoothness, density, surface texture and strength. The final stage is curing where moisture is applied, allowing hydration of the concrete, thus causing it to harden and strengthen.

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