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New P-Series grapples from Kinshofer

Kinshofer grapple

Attachment specialists launch excavator orange-peel grabs for demolition and scrap-handling sectors

KINSHOFER have introduced a new extensive range of excavator orange-peel grapples for demolition, scrap-handling and loading/unloading applications. 

According to the company, unlike competitive grapples, the P-Series hydraulic system is fully enclosed and protected, reducing the risk of damage to hoses and other components – known to be common problems in demolition and recycling applications. 

The hydraulic cylinders are fitted with replaceable piston rod protection (hydraulically cushioned) for added durability. Removable covers provide quick access to the hoses, oil distribution system and grease points for easy serviceability.

The system is fully integrated with a heavy-duty slewing ring, providing 360° continuous rotation and optimum force during operation. The robust slewing ring is able to withstand the stress and excessive loads of different operating styles, significantly extending the grapple’s service life.

In addition, the unique tine design of the orange-peel unit is said to enhance material penetration, increasing the amount contractors can safely secure in a single cycle while saving time on the jobsite.

‘We’ve spent 42 years researching and testing, in collaboration with our subsidiaries and clients, to develop the best orange peel grabs on the market,’ said Francois Martin, general manager of Kinshofer North America. ‘During this time, we’ve spent countless hours ensuring components are FEA optimized to improve the attachment’s life span while providing top-of-the-line speed and force.’ 

The P-Series grapples handle loads up to four cubic yards within one cycle and are available with three, four or five tines. The grabs also come in four different tine profiles, including fully closed, half closing, pointed and wide style pointed, effectively providing an optimized solution for any material. The slim design of the tines ensures maximum penetration of scrap and demolition piles.  

The Kinshofer orange-peel grapples are FEA optimized, delivering a 10% weight reduction at 20% stress reduction, while their overall structural parameters are maximized to increase longevity and meet the toughest requirements. To further improve durability, Kinshofer manufacture their tines and wear plates with wear-resistant 400 HB steel, and weld-on tips with high-resistant 500 HB steel.

The standard P-Series package includes: grab, rotator or integrated slewing ring rotation; a head plate; and a non-return valve. A hose guard is available as a bolt-on bottom plate with a welded lifting eye to hang a magnet. 

Also available is a heavy-duty, rigid-mount model with three tines and a larger surface bearing for handling bulky scrap material. The attachments are suitable for use on excavators with a carrier weight ranging from 16 to 88 tons. 

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