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More Volvo machines for Day Aggregates

Volvo EC250E excavator

Recycling firm strengthens mobile plant fleet with new L150H wheel loader and EC250E excavator 

A NEW Volvo EC250E excavator has been put in charge of rehandling deposited incinerator bottom ash (IBA), while a new L150H loading shovel, equipped with 4.4 cubic metre-capacity bucket, has been purchased to move the material at Day Aggregates’ state-of-the-art Greenwich facility in London. 

‘Adding these two machines is part of a multi-million pound investment we have made at Greenwich,’ said Stuart Holmes, plant manager for Day Group. ‘The new processing plant on site began operating at the start of 2017 and we are well on target to bringing in some 100,000 tonnes of IBA per annum for processing.  

‘The new EC250E has been equipped with our own bespoke design for the application in a challenging environment. We’ve specified the short dipper arm to give maximum breakout force, a hydraulic hitch and a selection of buckets, which can be interchanged to deal with the varying nature of the material.’

He continued: ‘The machine itself has been coated in two-pack lacquer on the superstructure panels as well as the cooling package, to prevent accelerated wear. The other major modification, which Kokurek carried out, was extending the superstructure chassis rails to allow an 800-litre water tank to be sandwiched in between the counterweight and the engine compartment. This has been added to feed a Dynaset HPW water-suppression system.’

The EC250E excavator is powered by a Volvo six-cylinder Tier IV Final engine developing 213hp. Operators can choose the best work mode for the task at hand, ensuring optimum performance and fuel efficiency. Modes include: I (idle); F (fine), G (general); H (heavy); or P (power). 

All processed material is handled by the L150H loading shovel, which is powered by a 13-litre, 300hp Volvo Stage IV engine that offers considerable fuel savings during each shift. Significantly, a maximum torque of 1,317Nm is achieved at 1,450 rev/min, and fuel savings are further enhanced by the Volvo Eco pedal, which encourages the operator to run the machine at its optimum rev/min in the engine’s torque curve.

‘Once again we’ve opted for the Volvo brand as the machines have demonstrated that they are reliable and well on top of the demands we place on them,’ said Mr Holmes. ‘In addition, the CareTrack and Matris GPS monitoring systems allow remote interrogation of how the machines are being utilized by the operators on site.’

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