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Mogensen at Hillhead 2014

Mogensen have built up more than 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and application of vibratory equipment for the handling and processing of bulk solids in a broad range of industries including, prominently, quarrying and recycling.

The company’s range of equipment includes the Mogensen Sizer, an unconventional and highly individual approach to screening, on which the business was founded in 1967. It offers high capacities in relation to the floor space occupied, and, correctly applied, is highly resistant to pegging problems.

The Sizer is now available in widths of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0m. Over time the equipment range available from Mogensen has been expanded and now includes single- and multi-deck conventional screens, feeders, trough and tubular conveyors and static and vibratory grizzlies. Of particular interest is the range of spreader feeders designed to accept a flow of feed material from a narrow source such as a conveyor belt, and spread it evenly across a wider item of process equipment or across two wider machines. Examples are screens, magnetic and computerized optical separators, in all of which an evenly spread flow of material is essential for efficient operation. Of particular note is a recently introduced model, which is designed to feed two 3m wide process equipment items from a single narrow source.

The Mogensen stand at Hillhead this year will exhibit a representative selection of machines, and will include an open trash screen, a heavy-duty fully dust-proofed double-length screen, a typical tubular conveyor and a spreader feeder. The latter will be presented open at one side to allow the internal design to be seen.

All Mogensen machines are available in open or fully dust-proofed versions and in either standard or stainless steel execution. Various wear-resistant liners, electric deck-heating systems and pneumatic mesh-cleaning equipment are also available.

Mogensen take pride in their ability and willingness to modify existing standard machines or to custom-design a machine to suit a customer’s individual problem.

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