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Manitou help keep Derbyshire Aggregates on the move

Manitou MS130T forklift

Aggregates supplier purchases eight Manitou forklifts for efficient materials handling operation

MANITOU has come up with the perfect solution to help keep Derbyshire Aggregates on the move and meet demand for their high-quality products.

The aggregates firm’s headquarters and main processing plant is located at Arbor Low, Derbyshire, where its 15-acre site is dedicated to a quick turnaround of semi-processed aggregates to finished product. The site has an impressive range of on-site production facilities to wash, screen, and package the material.
With all these processes came the demand for efficient materials handling to meet exacting customer demands. And the Manitou MSI30T semi-rough terrain forklift was identified as the suitable solution for the busy operation.

As a result, local Manitou dealers BTE Plant Sales supplied eight new MSI30T (seven two-wheel drive models and one MH25 4x4 wheel drive version) forklifts to Derbyshire Aggregates.

The compact dimensions of the Manitou MSI30T are especially advantageous to Derbyshire Aggregates in allowing additional storage space to be gained in the yard area, thereby maximizing stock levels in line with customer needs.

The Manitou forklifts are mainly handling palletized loads of bagged aggregates and bulk bags weighing 1,250kg or 850kg and either loading lorries or handling the end product from the bagging plants into storage.

The hydrostatic transmission ensures a totally flexible and smooth driving experience, which is important as the MSI30T forklifts are constantly on the move at Arbor Low, with two 6h working shifts. The majority of the Manitou trucks are fitted with Duplex ‘Freelift’ masts to ensure safe operation inside lower headroom buildings.

Derbyshire Aggregates director Adrian Fewings commented: ‘We have used Manitou machinery over many years and so the MSI30T was a natural choice for us to continue the tradition of robust design and quality build.

‘Our site conditions can be difficult so we need the right equipment for the job. The MSIs have good ground clearance and are easy to operate. The drivers really appreciate the comfort of the machine – so much so that they polish the cab at the end of the week.’

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