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KVM launch new products for asphalt plants


KVM’s S-40M filter system complies with the most stringent European environmental standards for asphalt production.

The filter system is divided into chambers and is cleaned using compressed air. This ensures optimal cleaning efficiency, while minimizing energy consumption. The cleaning process can be adjusted to suit production, thus ensuring lower emission levels and considerably longer filter-bag life. The capacity of the system is expandable in stages up to 100,000m3 and can be achieved by connecting several filter units together in parallel systems.

A microprocessor control unit provides the operator with the maximum level of information concerning any given production situation. It also monitors production costs and ensures that the filter complies with current emission regulations at all times.

KVM’s newly developed asphalt paddle mixer meets Europe’s most stringent requirements for asphalt.

The development of additives has increased the expectations of mixing technology and today’s growing use of different additives such as fibre, colour and modified bitumen pellets has, under normal operational circumstances, resulted in extended mixing times that can give rise to unacceptable reductions in the plant’s overall capacity.

To satisfy the industry’s need for increased capacity KVM have developed a kit for upgrading existing mixers. The mixer is designed for five different batch sizes — 2, 3, 3.5, 4 and 5 tonnes. They can all work effectively with a reduced batch size, even down to 20% of the maximum batch size.

The KVM-3000 control system is the latest generation of control system to incorporate the Windows user interface and provide operators with advanced levels of production control.

The easy-to-upgrade system monitors all aspects of the production process, including the specific operating parts of the plant. Operators also have the option of an extra feature that allows them to animate vital production areas.

Particular attention has been focused on the production reporting section of the system so that companies can document the content and progress of specific asphalt deliveries.


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