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Keeping an Eagle Eye on potential fuel theft

Fuel tank gauging system

Liquid Management Solutions design and develop online fuel tank gauging system

EAGLE Eye online tank gauging has been designed and developed by Midlands-based fuel-management experts Liquid Management Solutions Ltd (LMS) after listening to customer concerns regarding potential fuel theft.

The solution has been designed to give customers immediate access to their fuel tank or multiple fuel tank levels through their web browser by the simple click of a mouse.

With UK fuel theft witnessing a 200% increase, LMS say there has never been a more critical time to have ‘real-time’ visual access to valuable fuel stocks. Instantaneous alarm prompts can be signalled by email or SMS to designated personnel should any fuel movements be detected within non-operational periods, such as weekends.

Customers can also input flexible and interchangeable low level limits into the web-based software to provide reminders for fuel ordering and delivery planning.

‘Many companies are oblivious to the cost penalties associated with last-minute fuel ordering, as fuel distributors add extra margin for the ‘need it tomorrow’ fuel delivery customer,’ said LMS’s managing director, Kevin Taylor. ‘More importantly, the cost to any business of having operational mobile plant standing still due to someone forgetting to order a fuel load is the most concerning.’

Customers can also install overfill protection with high-decibel alarms to the online tank gauging solution. This helps ensure companies meet their environmental obligations with regard to the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001, as a number of recent fuel-spillage offenders have witnessed unprecedented fines and damage to their brand image.

Online demonstrations of the Eagle Eye solution can be arranged for potential customers in the comfort of their own office. For further information contact Client Services on tel: (0845) 450 7373; or email: [email protected]

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