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Glendinning power ahead with Hyster lift trucks

Hyster H8FT and H8XM6 lift trucks

Block manufacturer purchases new H8XM6 lift truck specially equipped with double block clamp

LORRIES fully loaded with building blocks in less than five minutes, happy lift-truck drivers, exceptional reliability and a low cost of ownership: these are just some of the ways that Devon-based Glendinning have benefitted since adding a new Hyster lift-truck to their operation.

‘We distribute more than 100,000 concrete blocks a week from our site in Ashburton,’ said operations manager Richard Webb. ‘Every single block is handled by just two principal lift trucks, so reliability is critical.’

The company recently purchased a new Hyster H8XM6 specially equipped with a double block clamp to remove blocks from the production line, transport them to the yard and stack them up to five packs high. In a year, Glendinning can produce and distribute up to 7.5 million building blocks to customers.

‘We have a semi-automated production facility with packs of mostly 100mm concrete blocks leaving the building on a conveyor,’ continued Mr Webb. ‘We have two lift trucks that must always be available to keep up with production and also load 20–25 vehicles each day.’

Glendinning pride themselves on quality service and fast, efficient response to customers, and say their Hyster lift trucks help support this. They can fully load lorries in less than five minutes using the new lift truck with double block handler attachment, giving exceptional transport turnaround times.

Working long shifts, which can be up to 11 hours a day, Glendinning also recognized that to ensure maximum productivity, it was essential for the lift-truck drivers to have an optimum operating environment.

‘We made sure that we involved our drivers in the purchase decision, so they trialled numerous lift trucks,’ explained Mr Webb, adding that the drivers ‘discounted most brands after just a few minutes’.

‘We hear from our operators all the time that the H8XM6 is a pleasure to drive and that it is quiet and comfortable for an entire shift,’ he continued, adding that whatever the weather, the cab also gives the drivers a protected environment that aids maximum productivity.

Visibility was also a key consideration, not only of the load through the mast and over the double block attachment, but all around. For greater awareness in the busy yard, the fully trained drivers also have the option to glance at rear-view camera screens, which contributes to additional visibility of pedestrians, moving vehicles and infrastructure, and helps to minimize damage to the products, buildings and other vehicles.

The robust frame of the Hyster H8XM6 is designed to give ‘rock solid’ stability and long-term durability when stacking the two block packs five packs high, while the Stage IV compliant Cummins engines are said to produce lower emissions and offer excellent fuel economy, significantly reducing lifetime costs.

The engines also feature performance-optimization features such as cooling on demand, load-sensing hydraulics (power on demand), rev/min management, and alternate engine idle speed to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in most tough applications.

‘It is such a good truck and it has proven itself time and again in our tough operation. There is truck availability a high percentage of the time, so we can really depend on it,’ said Mr Webb.

‘Plus, we know exactly how strong Hyster trucks are because we still have a 2003 Hyster H8.0FT operating as a back-up truck and to use during peak periods. It still works perfectly after 15 years.’

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