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First Volvo L250H wheel loader goes to Glendinning

Volvo L250H wheel loader

Company becomes first UK recipient of L250H model currently operating at Linhay Quarry

E & JW Glendinning, the West Country’s largest independent quarry operators, have taken delivery of the first Volvo L250H wheel loader to be sold in the UK. The new 35-tonne loading shovel further strengthens Glendinning’s plant fleet at Linhay Quarry, in Ashburton, Devon, and was strategically chosen to take charge of loading the primary crusher on site.

‘The L220H model we took delivery of at the end of last year had been doing a good job feeding the primary, but it was working hard all of the time which in the long term isn’t really viable,’ said operations manager Richard Webb.

‘The L350F on the other hand was too big for this part of our operations so we took a detailed look at Volvo’s relatively new L250H model. With a larger 5.7 cubic metre-capacity bucket, increased operating weight and horsepower we, together with the team at Volvo, made a conservative calculation that the machine will provide us with an additional 75,000 tonnes per annum or an extra 42 tonnes per hour – using an additional litre of fuel over the L220 unit.’

The L250H wheel loader is powered by a 13-litre Stage IV Final-compliant engine that develops 394hp in a relatively low rev/min range. The machine also benefits from Volvo’s designed and manufactured driveline components, including the company’s Optishift system with torque converter lock-up and reverse-by-braking features – all designed to offer considerable fuel savings.

The L250H loading shovel has been specially designed to increase production and profitability in heavy-duty rock handling operations, where short cycle times and high breakout forces are required. In order to carry out its duties at Linhay, the wheel loader has been fitted with a heavy-duty, straight-lipped bucket complete with teeth and segments, a Z-bar loader linkage, and Goodyear L5 (rear) and L3 tyres (front) complete with Pewag chains.

Other features include: Volvo’s optional ride control or boom suspension system; a Lincoln auto lube system; and an RDS 8000 on-board weighing instrument.   

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