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Efficient compaction with new Wacker Neuson roller

Wacker Neuson RD27 articulated joint roller

New-generation RD27 articulated joint roller is available in two versions

THE new RD27 asphalt roller from Wacker Neuson has additional user advantages such as a detailed control panel for a quick overview of all functions, as well as a multi-function lever for controlling the vibration options and the water supply with one hand. The compact design without a lateral overhang provides for more flexibility in use, which also makes work in the edge regions possible.

The extreme maneuverability of the RD27 roller, with a turning radius of 3.6m makes work easier for the operator and provides efficient use, since the roller can be moved flexibly in limited space. The compact dimensions of 2.5m long and 1m wide and the design without the lateral overhang also contribute to this machine flexibility.  

The roller offers the possibility to switch between low and high compaction forces. The low centrifugal force is optimal for asphalt compaction, while the high level is ideal for the compaction of granular materials. The contractor, therefore, only requires one machine for the compaction of various subsoils, opening up a wide range of application possibilities with the RD27 unit.  

Improved all-round visibility is achieved through the roller’s newly modified hood shape, while the high seating offers increased safety on the job site. The roller’s foldable roll-over protective structure (ROPS) helps make machine transportation easier for the contractor. Other key features include a new vibration damped driver cabin and ergonomic seat that provides greater comfort and fatigue-free working.

The vibratory roller RD27 is available in two versions. The base variant has the forward and backward folding ROPS and the ergonomic operator seat. The second version offers an additional central lifting point for the simple transfer of the roller, a left-sided armrest, drum-edge lighting, and a fold-down scraper bar, as well as an optional automatic vibration connection and water cut-off.

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