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High-voltage detection system
26 November 2019 | SHE

All-weather high-voltage detection system suitable for all plant and machinery with variable height

ANPR speed camera
11 December 2018 | SHE

Site Sentry automatic number plate recognition speed camera for quarry and mine applications

Overhead high-voltage cable detection system
13 November 2018 | Plant & Equipment

New overhead high-voltage cable-detection system incorporating Transport Support’s latest TSafe technology

Solar-powered CCTV
25 October 2018 | Plant & Equipment

Latest security camera solution suitable for unmanned sites, disused quarries or remote locations

TSafe modular safety system
12 September 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Best features of Transport Support’s best-selling safety products now combined into a single system

Inclinometer system
04 October 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Transport Support develop modular safety system specially developed for articulated dumptrucks

High-voltage overhead cable detection system
04 October 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Company launches latest version of its high-voltage overhead cable detection system

Transport Support's rigid tipper inclinometer
28 August 2014 | Plant & Equipment

Cost-effective in-cab solution to help combat the problem of overturning tipper vehicles

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Portable reversing camera
15 July 2014 | Plant & Equipment

Transport Support offer discount on portable digital reversing camera kit while stocks last

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11 July 2013 | SHE

Company launches loud hailer and HD witness camera/drive recorder system for mobile plant

Reversing camera washer
30 May 2013 | Plant & Equipment

Automatic washer allows operators to clean from the safety of the vehicle cab