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New ANPR speed camera from Transport Support

ANPR speed camera

Site Sentry automatic number plate recognition speed camera for quarry and mine applications 

TRANSPORT Support say their new Site Sentry automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) speed camera is designed for sites where traffic surveillance and speed monitoring are required.

Full ANPR and speed measurements are combined with a hi-res 1080p video stream of all vehicle events in both directions adjacent to the camera. The gathered information can be searched on the system’s database by one or a combination of criteria, further filtered by date. This information, once located as a stored video clip, can be downloaded for further scrutiny in either still image or video format.


Based around an embedded micro-computer, the Site Sentry system has been designed as a fully standalone video-based radar speed camera for use in off-highway applications, such as quarries and mines. As such, it is very flexible in the ways it can be deployed – the system can be connected to by smartphone/tablet/PC etc via wireless hotspot up to 50m away as standard, or at greater distances using point-to-point WiFi links.

Although Site Sentry was primarily designed for speed monitoring, due to its extensive database capabilities, it can also be used as a log to record all vehicles entering and exiting a site, making it useful as a security and traffic-monitoring tool.

As standard, the speed threshold is factory-set to one mile per hour, which means the camera system will record all vehicle movements coming towards and going away from it. These records can be searched using different criteria such as maximum speed, time, date, number plate or ever partial number plate, to give a complete record of all vehicles entering and exiting the site.

Transport Support say the other key advantage of Site Sentry is its twin camera head. With most other ANPR systems the images created are very dark and only pick out the number plate of the vehicle, so as to be machine readable in the ANPR system. This does not give the operator a clear image of the vehicle, vehicle type, colour, markings or the driver’s face.

With Site Sentry, however, one camera is purely for ANPR and the other provides a colour overview, thereby overcoming this problem.

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