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Ultra-compact refrigerant dryers save energy and space

SECOTEC TF refrigerant dryer

HPC Kaeser introduce innovative second-generation SECOTEC TF refrigerant dryer series 

EFFICIENT and reliable compressed-air treatment, such as refrigeration drying which removes unwanted moisture, is essential in many industrial applications, and the new SECOTEC TF refrigerant dryer series from HPC Kaeser demonstrates how users can also maximize energy savings while using less space.

According to HPC Kaeser, an important feature of these second-generation SECOTEC dryers is an innovative latent heat thermal mass heat-exchanger system which allows these units to push the boundaries of drying performance to impressive levels.


The result, they say, is a significantly greater thermal storage capacity as the units require 98% less thermal mass material than conventional refrigeration drying systems. In addition to exceptionally high thermal storage capacity, users also benefit from stable-pressure dew points, minimal material stress during operation, and significantly reduced space requirements.

SECOTEC TF dryers deliver air flows ranging from 17 to 34 cubic metres per minute (600 to 1,200 cubic feet per minute). A compact design also makes it possible to reduce the pressure loss across the dryer to 0.15 bar compared with conventional dryers, where typically the pressure drop is 0.20 bar or more.

Moreover, the dryers are designed to use less than 87W per cubic metre of air to be dried per minute, compared with conventional systems which use, on average, 200–250W.

The dryers incorporate HPC’s innovative microprocessor-based SIGMA Control SMART, which controls the thermal storage process via a colour display and language-neutral menu navigation to ensure effective control and monitoring.

The system also has an alarm and service message memory, as well as a remote on/off control capability with the option for an Ethernet interface that allows connection to a master controller, such as HPC’s SIGMA Air Manager system.

HPC Kaeser say many practical options are available for the new SECOTEC TF dryers, including side-mounted compressed-air connections. The new design also makes external pre-filtration unnecessary, saving additional investment and maintenance costs while guaranteeing lower differential pressure throughout the system.

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