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Type HN screening machines relaunched

Type HN screening machine

New hot stone screening machines from Siebtechnik Tema feature improvements over earlier systems

SIEBTECHNIK Tema have recently relaunched their robust Type HN screening machines, which have been used reliably to screen hot asphalt aggregates at temperatures of up to 450°C in numerous applications across Europe.

Featuring an improved split dust enclosure that incorporates a fully extendable chute and is now on rails to allow easy access to the internal screen surfaces, the new system benefits from a simple twin-shaft linear-motion external mechanism which maintains low operational temperatures and does not require expensive cooling systems.

Other benefits of the latest compact, maintenance-friendly Type HN screening machines include a proven design featuring durable, temperature-resistant components, effective vibration insulation and a choice of screenbox, screen cloth and type of screen cloth tensioning.

Simon Parry-Jones, sales engineer with Siebtechnik Tema, commented: ‘Most of the screens on the market feature a through-shaft design which tends to suffer from premature bearing failures due to the elevated operational temperatures. We have a number of the new screens in the UK, all of which have been received very well.’

Seven Type HN products are available in various sizes, the largest being a 2.6m x 4.0m unit with four full decks and two half decks. The new screens can also be equipped with an internal bypass if required.

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