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Terex Trucks launch extended warranty

Terex Trucks parts

Manufacturer offering new two-year or 6,000 hours warranty on all factory-approved parts

TO ensure customers benefit from a low total cost of ownership, Terex Trucks have launched a new extended two-year or 6,000 hours warranty on all factory-approved parts.

Unlike non-genuine parts, which are manufactured by other suppliers in isolation from the rest of the truck and its components, Terex Trucks say their genuine parts are designed specifically by the same engineers that make the machines, meaning they are fit for first-class functionality, feature optimal durability, and enhance the performance and life expectancy of the haulers, thereby ensuring maximum return on investment for customers.

Gary Bradburn, aftermarket commercial manager at Terex Trucks, said: ‘We’re committed to product quality and our customers, therefore making a distinction between us and low-cost alternatives is important. We stand completely behind the products we manufacture in Motherwell as they’re unmatched, and so it’s only right that we should make a grand statement.

‘Terex Trucks’ parts come with a safety guarantee, stamp of quality an engineering approval from the original manufacturer. To get the most out of your hauler you need to consider more than just the part and its initial purchase price.’

Almost three years after their acquisition by Volvo Construction Equipment, Terex Trucks have undergone a series of improvements to strengthen the brand and stabilize their position in the market. One such investment has been focused on strengthening the company’s aftermarket offering, and the new extended warranty is an example of the company’s proactive approach to catering for the needs of its customers.

Among the brand’s top priorities is the desire to offer competitive packages to support products, and to ensure customers benefit from a low total cost of ownership. To this end, the two-year warranty will be available on all parts, and the unique offering stands irrespective of the hours on the machine or the model.

Terex Trucks say they understand the significant investment clients make when buying and maintaining their machines, and the potential appeal of purchasing non-factory approved parts, but the company describes this as false economy, warning that compromised performance, lower fuel efficiency and unscheduled downtime are just some of the results that non-genuine parts can have on a truck.

Mr Bradburn continued: ‘There are risks to safety and consequential damage to machines if just one cut-rate alternative part is fitted, as anything can happen. Buying non-genuine parts is a case of ‘good price, good luck’ – we ask that customers look beyond the initial price of such products as it’s more than likely that additional service costs will arise in the long term due to damage downstream.

‘For a machine to remain operating at its full potential, buying factory-approved parts is the only way forward, and with this new warranty, if anything were to go wrong then a customer would still be able to maintain 100% peace of mind knowing they are fully supported. We are proud of our trucks, we trust the integrity of our parts suppliers, and we’re confident that this is a big statement we can back up.’

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