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Sweeping success for Elite Precast Concrete

Shropshire-based precast concrete company celebrate successful waste-recycling collaboration with Go Plant Ltd

TELFORD-based Elite Precast Concrete have been called upon by Go Plant Ltd, who trade as Shropshire Road Sweepers, to provide 250 interlocking blocks to enhance their waste-recycling system, which transforms road sweepings into a range of reusable products, such as aggregates, plant bedding and mulch.

Shropshire Road Sweepers required the precast concrete blocks after they invested in the Gritbuster System, an innovative piece of recycling machinery which processes waste materials collected by the sweeper, and then washes, filters and separates them into different material categories. The blocks have been used to create four separate waste storage bays, which will stockpile the recycled materials until they are transferred for onward use.

Aidan Garvey, general manager of Shropshire Road Sweepers, explained: ‘We felt safe in the knowledge that Elite Precast Concrete is renowned both regionally and nationally for manufacturing high-quality blocks, which provide an ideal solution for waste storage bays. We originally contemplated using concrete panels, but recognized that this was permanent, not flexible enough, and unlikely to be strong enough. We believe 92% of the waste collected through road sweeping can be treated and recovered, and the concrete bays provide a perfect temporary home for these materials.’

The Gritbuster System grades the material into four categories: grit and rough sand, fine sand, organic material and very fine particulates or silt. Each resource is then stored in its designated concrete storage bay, and rather than being sent to landfill, the materials can each be used in commercially valuable activities, with the aggregates even being recycled for low-grade concrete production.

Owen Batham, sales and marketing director with Elite Precast Concrete, commented: ‘The blocks are ideal for storage bays, as they’re not only robust and durable, but if the client moves site, the blocks can be easily moved and reinstalled too. We are delighted to support Shropshire Road Sweepers as they seek alternatives ways to ensure waste material is not sent to landfill.’

Founded in 2008, Elite Precast Concrete Ltd manufacture and supply the Duo, Vee and Legato interlocking precast concrete block systems, which are used by a wide range of UK and international clients, including local authorities, recycling businesses, and waste-management firms, to build durable waste storage bays. Elite are also the largest suppliers in the UK of concrete kentledge (counterweight) blocks, which are used to hold in place scaffolding, security fencing, hoardings, marquees etc.

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