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Schaeffler add to CONCEPT lubricator range

Schaeffler CONCEPT4 automatic lubricator

New CONCEPT1 and CONCEPT4 models for automatic and Individually adjustable lubrication

SCHAEFFLER have expanded their CONCEPT automatic lubricator range with the launch of two further models. In addition to their existing lubricators – the CONCEPT2 with two lubricant supply line outlets and the CONCEPT8 with eight lubricant supply line outlets – the range is now completed by the CONCEPT1, launched in the UK in November 2020, and CONCEPT4 lubricators. The CONCEPT1 is designed for automatic relubrication of one lubrication point, whilst the CONCEPT4 can independently supply up to four lubrication points.

Another new development is that the CONCEPT1 lubricator itself and the replacement cartridges for the CONCEPT4 can be filled up to three times in just a few steps, even with greases from outside Schaeffler’s proprietary Arcanol range. This reduces waste, helps protect the environment, and saves maintenance costs.

Thanks to its ease of installation and application, the CONCEPT1 is primarily suitable as a starting point in the field of automatic relubrication. It is available in 60 cubic cm and 125 cubic cm sizes and is powered via electrochemical reaction by a gas-producing dry cell, which means that an external power supply is not needed.

The CONCEPT1 is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including electric motors, pumps and belt conveyors, and thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be mounted in virtually any lubrication point. Moreover, the CONCEPT1 is also certified for operation in explosion-proof areas (according to ATEX).

The CONCEPT4 is suitable for minimum-quantity lubrication, dispensing just 0.15 cubic cm per actuation impulse. It was intentionally designed without an integrated timer for the lubricant dosage and without a display with control buttons, which makes it particularly robust in application. The CONCEPT4 is regulated solely via an external control unit and is thus aimed exclusively at customers who have an existing PLC infrastructure.

Unlike the CONCEPT1, the CONCEPT4 utilizes special lubricant cartridges (as do the CONCEPT2 and CONCEPT8). The CONCEPT4 lubricator, which utilizes cartridges with a standard size of 400 cubic cm and has four outlets for lubricant supply lines, can also create particularly high delivery pressures of up to 70 bar. This ensures that lubricant reaches even hard-to-access points that require long lubricant supply lines, such as those found in electric motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, and machine tools, for example.

Like the CONCEPT4, the cartridges for the CONCEPT2 and CONCEPT8 lubricators are available in two versions: empty or pre-filled with lubricant. These devices can, therefore, also be operated with greases from outside Schaeffler’s proprietary Arcanol series and refilled up to three times.

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