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Roseland seek approval for waste-management facility

CORNISH waste-management firm Roseland Group have submitted detailed plans to Cornwall County Council to improve their waste-management facilities near Liskeard. The company want to develop their existing site at Lean Quarry to meet an urgent need for new waste facilities to serve east Cornwall and west Devon.

Roseland spokesman Richard Crocker said: 'The proposed facility would primarily serve commercial and light industrial waste streams. Cornwall alone produces 513 tonnes of waste a year from household, commercial and industrial activities.

'Our proposal provides the infrastructure needed to support the Government's Waste Strategy 2000 by incorporating waste recovery, recycling and landfill gas use. The proposal also provides new facilities for the pre-treatment of waste and a reduction in the landfill of putrescible waste, both of which are requirements of the Landfill Directive.'

If the planners approve the application, Roseland would continue to extract aggregates for roadstone at Lean Quarry, but their intention would be to restore the workings with waste and, over a 27-year period, progressively return the site to a wooded area similar to its natural state.

Roseland plan to recover recyclable wastes and dispose of residual waste on site, using landfill gas to provide heat for coated stone production. There is also the potential to use any surplus landfill gas to generate electricity to supply the quarry and material recovery facility.

Mr Crocker added: 'These proposals differ from the recent applications at United Downs and Carnsew Quarry because we are dealing with waste recovery, disposal, mineral extraction and energy use in an integrated way.' 

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