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Revamped branding for Ecohog

Ecohog website

Company will also launch a new website to create user-friendly experience on both desktop and mobile devices 

ECOHOG, manufacturers of waste-recycling equipment, have undertaken a brand revamp. Given the strength of the Ecohog name in the waste and recycling industry, and the company’s natural progression in the sector, the ‘windshifter’ range is no longer the sole product within the Ecohog portfolio. 

The equipment manufacturer has, therefore, launched a new Ecohog logo to reflect the company’s expansion and other product developments since 2013. 

As part of the rebranding campaign, a new website will be launched soon to officially replace the existing site; the revamped web platform will be accessible via a range of different devices, from PCs and tablets through to smartphones.

The user-friendly website will provide extensive product information and videos on Ecohog’s windshifter, metal separation and bespoke ranges. 

The structure of the redesigned site will ensure a quick response to all customer enquiries, including the launch of two new products, and the new content and functions will help users find the exact information they need, rapidly and directly. 

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