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‘Play Safe’ campaign gets under way

OVER the coming months quarry managers across the UK will be spearheading a major ‘Play Safe....Stay Safe’ campaign designed to warn children about the dangers of using quarries as playgrounds.

The initiative follows similar successful campaigns over recent summers and, as in previous years, quarry managers themselves will be taking a high-profile proactive role as the public face of the campaign, visiting classrooms and working with a team of spokespersons in talking to local press and broadcasters.

The central message that quarry managers will be taking into schools is that while quarries are safe places to work, they can be dangerous places for children and teenagers to play.

The QPA has produced special packs for managers to use in schools, including a ‘Play Safe....Stay Safe’ video presented by children’s TV presenter Katy Hill. The campaign, which will highlight some of the deaths and serious accidents that have occurred as a result of youngsters playing in quarries over the last few years, is backed by safety charities and the emergency services.


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