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Paving the way at the Dome

To assist with asphalting both inside and outside the Millennium Dome, Bardon Aggregates chose a Screed-Pro modular control system from Spectra Precision which replaces the mechanical joint-matching ski and is designed to fit any paver or roadplaner.

The system plugs directly into the paver's automatic control connector and replaces the traditional mechanical ski with the Tracer Plus ultrasonic grade controller. High-frequency sound waves are used to measure the distance to the elevation reference surface, which may be a stringline, curb lip or the previous machine pass. If the distance changes a correction signal is sent to the machine's control valve, automatically adjusting the mat thickness.

Peter Green, Bardon Aggregates' general manager, commented: 'We have used Screed-Pro for a number of years because we have found that level control improves significantly, which, in turn, leads to better superage of materials and increased profitability. Our operators find the system straightforward to use and contracts are completed to schedule with minimum wastage of materials.'

Screed-Pro also features a choice of two slope modules that use a temperature-controlled electronic clinometer to ensure consistently repeatable slope accuracy. An optional universal remote control displays material thickness and slope information and allows changes to be made 'on the fly'.

Operators can also adjust mat thickness by as little as 1mm from anywhere on the screed while remaining safe from traffic hazards.

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