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New tilt-rotator from Bobcat

Bobcat have expanded the selection of attachments for their excavators with the launch of the TR05 tilt-rotator.

The TR05 is now approved for use on the Bobcat E32 and E35 excavators. A wide range of tilt-rotator attachments such as grading and digging buckets, cable buckets, asphalt cutters, ripper teeth and hydraulic grabs accompanies it.

The tilt-rotator system, when fitted with the appropriate attachment, helps to maximize excavator productivity in a wider range of applications. The tilt-rotator also reduces the time taken on the job as manual labour is virtually eliminated and the number of carrier repositionings is reduced. In addition, fuel consumption is reduced and ground disturbance is also kept to a minimum.
The mounting system for the tilt-rotator attachment is the standard S40 hydraulic quick-coupler system with an auxiliary circuit to operate hydraulic attachments such as grabs. The operator is able to change between non-hydraulic attachments by pressing two switches simultaneously in the cab, without having to leave the seat.  

Bobcat have utilized ‘plug-and-play’ technology from their compact loaders, ensuring maximum precision and efficiency. An ACD (attachment control device), built into the tilt-rotator, receives its information from a controller in the machine over a seven-pin connection, the same as that used for ACD-controlled Bobcat loader attachments. The standard joysticks on the excavator are replaced with dedicated tilt-rotator joysticks incorporating all additional functions and allowing the operator to engage or disengage the tilt-rotator functions safely and easily.

Once the deluxe control kit (including the joysticks and controller) has been installed on the excavators, the tilt-rotator can be operated immediately.

As well as tilting attachments up to 40o to the left or the right, the TR05 can rotate an attachment infinitely through 360o in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. All tilt-rotator functions, including the auxiliary hydraulics, can be operated simultaneously and proportionately using the joysticks in the excavator cab.

According to Bobcat, tilt-rotators are an important development in the market for excavators, which are increasingly being seen as tool carriers capable of much more than simply digging holes.

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