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My Sandvik Productivity now available on the surface

My Sandvik Productivity telematics solution

Sandvik extend cutting-edge telematics solution to selected iSeries surface boom drill rigs

ALREADY proven in underground equipment, Sandvik’s cutting-edge telematics solution is now available for selected iSeries surface boom drill rigs. My Sandvik Productivity greatly increases visibility of machine health, utilization and time usage data, allowing users to make informed decisions based on live machine data.

My Sandvik Productivity replaces the existing SanRemo monitoring system. In addition to performance data provided through My Sandvik Insight, iSeries customers can now enjoy greater visibility into the utilization of their Sandvik drill rigs.

My Sandvik Productivity captures a wide range of data on machine performance, machine health and fleet utilization. A better understanding of these metrics will help prevent machine failures, improve fleet uptime and help with scheduling services.

Displayed on easy-to-understand dashboards, by better understanding utilization and work mode data, operational efficiency can also be boosted, work practices improved, and bottlenecks removed.

There is more to productivity than drilling and penetration rates – working arrangements also play an important role. Factors including drill rig utilization and idling time also impact productivity. Sandvik say only when the whole picture is clear does it make sense to look at hourly production and hole quality and the number of re-drills and tonnes moved.

My Sandvik Productivity gives an overview of multiple metrics, including utilization and productivity breakdown and work mode data, visualizing for users where potential losses in overall work time are occurring – and enabling them to take action to eliminate them.

On top of individual reports, My Sandvik Productivity also provides tailored views of the data. These dashboards give users an aggregated overview with key indicators per site, or a summary of the equipment health and alerts for service tasks.

For drills equipped with TIM3D drill navigation system, wireless transfer of drill plans is also included, allowing customers to transfer data from the office to the drill rig and back. My Sandvik Productivity is fast and simple to set up on iSeries machines, requiring an annual subscription, Sandvik Knowledge Box and access to cellular data or the pit network.

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