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Epiroc SmartROC T35 E drill rig
31 October 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Norwegian plant hire firm orders 15 new Epiroc SmartROC T35 E surface drill rigs

Sandvik Dino DC420Ri drill rig
24 October 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Redesigned top-hammer rig boosts all-terrain productivity for surface drilling and blasting contractors

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Epiroc SmartROC T35 E drill rig
21 October 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Company to present its first-ever battery-electric surface top-hammer drill rig in Munich

Bantycock gypsum quarry
19 October 2022 | Quarrying

Saint-Gobain’s Bantycock gypsum quarry, near Newark, chosen for ‘DEEPER’ Mars exploration

EPC-UK and Epiroc
15 July 2022 | Plant & Equipment

FlexiROC D55 rig delivered directly from exhibition stand to one of Tarmac’s key quarries

Epiroc battery-electric surface drill rig
05 July 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Skanska quarry to field test world’s first zero-emission drill rig for surface mines and quarries

PowerROC T25
17 May 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Company closing Yokohama production facility and relocating drill rig manufacturing to Nanjing

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SmartROC T35
11 May 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Epiroc release new features and options for SmartROC T35 and T40 top-hammer drill rigs

Hillhead blast
27 April 2022 | Quarrying

EPC-UK blast brings down 30,000 tonnes of stone for equipment demonstration purposes

BlastMetriX UAV
28 January 2022 | Plant & Equipment

New software version and analysis tools optimize blast performance and improve safety

My Epiroc and EPC-UK
04 October 2021 | Quarrying

Digital fault reporting decreases downtime while increasing safety and productivity at Whatley Quarry

Heavy Duty top-hammer drill bits
16 September 2021 | Plant & Equipment

New drill bits double top-hammer service life, reduce costs and improve safety and sustainability

Tagged in: SandvikDrilling
08 September 2021 | Plant & Equipment

AutoCycle expands iDrill capabilities or fully autonomous Leopard DI650i surface drilling fleet operation

Sandvik Leopard DI650i
15 June 2021 | Plant & Equipment

Sandvik are evolving this popular down-the-hole drill rig to support fully autonomous blasthole drilling

Sandvik Top Hammer XL
27 April 2021 | Plant & Equipment

Sandvik supply Top Hammer XL drilling technology for Tapojärvi at Yara’s Siilinjärvi open-pit mine in Finland