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Hymix design ladder-free truckmixer

Hymix concrete truckmixer with no ladder or platform

Ladder and platform gone on latest award-winning ready-mixed concrete truckmixer from Hymix

MIDLANDS-based concrete mixer suppliers Hymix have redesigned the ready-mixed concrete truckmixer by removing the need for the ladder and platform, thereby eliminating the need for the driver to work at height, helping to ensure his or her safety.

This is just one of the latest innovations from Hymix focusing on pedestrian, cyclist and driver safety and was launched at ‘The 2019 Concrete Show’ on 20–21 March at the NEC, Birmingham.

The mixer was awarded ‘Best New Product’ at the show and gave visitors a glimpse of how the industry continues to develop.

The latest innovations have been engineered to address the principal concerns of today’s ready-mixed concrete industry, including slips, trips and falls from height, plus a number of measures to help reduce environmental impacts.

The removal of the ladder and platform has been achieved by adding both a drop-down hopper and auto-wash system. These key features allow the operator to clean the blades, capping and rear of the mixer without the need to climb a traditional ladder platform.

The control system has also been extended to collect more information from the truck and will deploy safety devices to protect cyclists and pedestrians in busy urban environments.

With the new system, emissions are reduced by managing the drum speed and engine condition during travelling and at the site. According to Hymix, it is possible to make a fuel saving of up to 90% whilst waiting to deliver on site.

After delivery, Hymix not only provide for self-sufficient wash down, but have also introduced a method of neutralizing the pH of the wash water, making it harmless and safe to dispose of.

For the driver these new developments will reduce their workload allowing them to concentrate on safe driving.

Additional safety features help reduce the frequency of rollovers and unplanned incidents whilst the Hymix site light system (SLS) has been extended to improve visibility further in low light conditions and when manoeuvring in tight spaces.

James Harper, general manager at Hymix, said: ‘Improving safety and helping reduce both serious and minor accidents is a high priority in our vehicle development programme, and we aim to work with the industry and key stakeholders to ensure the safety of all involved.

‘Our roads are getting busier and the potential for danger is greater than ever. It is for everyone in the supply chain to contribute in mitigating risks to all. The first truck to benefit from these innovations plus the latest 360-degree camera system with dynamic views will be on the roads in April.’

Charlie Stanford, national fleet liaison manager at Cemex UK, said: ‘We will be one of the first in the industry to trial a truck with these new features. If the trial is successful, the new safety concepts in development at Hymix could reach a global audience and have the potential to set a new standard in safety within our ready-mixed concrete operations in the UK and beyond.’

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