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COVID-19: Rapid concrete solution for Cardiff field hospital

Hanson concrete delivery

Effective collaboration sees Hanson deliver high-strength concrete within tight time frame

HANSON have worked with contractors Mike Amodeo Ltd to develop a rapid concrete solution for the installation of essential oxygen tanks at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, South Wales.

A high-strength concrete required to form the bases of two large liquid oxygen tanks, as part of the site’s conversion into the 2,000-bed Dragon’s Heart field hospital, needed to be delivered within a tight timescale to support increased demands caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Close customer collaboration and Hanson’s technical ability to provide a fast-track mix that would provide early strength and allow quicker construction were crucial to meeting the project’s needs.

Lee Jones, Hanson Concrete’s territory sales manager for South Wales, said: ‘We supplied 87 cubic metres of concrete for the bases and early strength of 30N/m was achieved within 24 hours of pouring, allowing the tanks to be installed and operational within the space of a weekend.

‘The project took just one week to complete – from contractor enquiry through to approval and supply – and is a great example of what effective collaboration can achieve.’

The Dragon’s Heart emergency coronavirus field hospital is the largest in Wales and the second largest in the UK.

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