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COVID-19: Protection for premises and equipment


Emergency cleaning specialists SafeGroup offer long-term protection against surface contamination

THE above image may look like something out of a sci-fi movie – but this is one way lives are being protected in the quarrying and construction industries.

A decontamination technician from SafeGroup wearing a full body suit and powered respirator is giving the interior of a material handler long-term protection against COVID-19.

The broad-spectrum electrostatic disinfectant spray destroys the COVID-19 pathogen and bonds strongly to surfaces it is applied to, providing protection against the virus for up to 30 days.

This is helping reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission via high touch points on construction equipment and materials-handling machinery, such as cab door handles and controls.

As the Government phases out COVID-19 lockdown measures, London-based SafeGroup say they are working with an ever-widening range of businesses needing to protect premises and equipment against COVID-19.

They also claim to be the first emergency cleaning specialists in the UK to provide COVID-19 surface testing – with results returned by the scientific laboratory within 72 hours.

SafeGroup’s chief executive officer, Steve Broughton, said: ‘The local lockdown in Leicester shows COVID-19 has not gone away. Construction contractors and plant operators need to remain vigilant to protect their teams.

‘This is making the long-term protection against surface contamination that we can provide especially valuable. Regular decontamination work to remove pathogens like COVID-19 could become the new norm for years to come.’

The machine pictured above was being treated by SafeGroup at a quarry in Telford, Shropshire, operated by brick manufacturers Michelmersh.

Amy Harris, group health, safety and training manager at Michelmersh, said: ‘We want to ensure a safe environment for staff and customers, along with peace of mind that the working environment is being regularly disinfected and protected.

‘SafeGroup’s COVID-19 treatment service has become a key part of our strategy to maintain a low-risk environment and has been welcomed openly by all our staff.’

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