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Brett Aggregates launch new soil stabilization service


Brett expand recycled material portfolio with new high-quality reinstatement aggregate

BRETT Aggregates’ Hithermoor recycling facility, located just off junction 14 of the M25, continues to grow with the addition of a new soil stabilization service, which transforms excavated spoil into high-quality recycled reinstatement material – known as structural material for reinstatement (SMR). 

The soil stabilization service has been developed in collaboration with ground engineering specialists SMR (UK) Ltd, manufacturers of a specially formulated binder. This binder is blended with screened soil to produce SMR – a highly compactable and fully compliant material that can be used as a direct replacement for Type 1. According to Brett Aggregates, significant cost-savings and environmental benefits can be achieved for the customer.

‘The SMR treatment process allows excavated material to be recycled as a high-performance sub-base that meets SROH specifications,’ said Andrew Bareham, director of SMR (UK). ‘By treating excavated spoil in this way, we can divert tonnes of material from landfill, which is not only great for the environment but also brings massive cost savings for the contractor when compared to traditional reinstatement processes. 

‘There is no landfill tax to pay, no aggregates tax and when you add that to the reduction in imported material costs; there are huge savings to be made – typically £38 per cubic metre compared with traditional methods.’

Excavated spoil is delivered to Brett’s Hithermoor site, near Staines, where it is initially screened to remove large stones, debris and vegetation. The screened soil is then batch-mixed with the SMR binder to produce the high-performance reinstatement material. 

The binder itself consists of a cementitious base and certain additives, which trigger a chemical reaction in the soil, drying it out and increasing its density as the soil particles bond together. The result is a strong, stable material that compacts well. This recycled material can be taken back to site and used for reinstatement – completing the cycle without landfill and reducing the need to import virgin aggregates.

The convenient location of Brett Aggregates’ Hithermoor facility makes it an ideal hub for such recycling services; particularly for contractors engaged in utility infrastructure projects currently underway in and around West London and demand for the SMR.

Daniel Haw, sales manager for Brett Aggregates, commented: ‘The Hithermoor site can now provide a one-stop shop for contractors operating in the utility sector. Customers can tip their waste and pick up reinstatement material and other products – all in one place. We are delighted to be working with SMR (UK) to offer such a cost-effective service to our clients.’

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