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BooBoo clearing the air with DustBoss equipment

Dust-suppression system

Company expands portable dust-suppression rental fleet with another new DustBoss DB60 unit 

HERTFORDSHIRE-based BooBoo Plant Hire have added their eighth DustBoss DB60 mobile dust-suppression system to their rental fleet, in addition to the 14 Motofog units they recently purchased from Inmalo, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of portable dust-suppression solutions for the construction and demolition markets. 

Having previously encountered issues with other dust-suppression units in terms of manoeuverability, power/water supply and each site presenting its own set of challenging conditions, Terry Guilder, director of BooBoo, approached Inmalo for the most efficient and cost-effective solution.   

With DustBoss and Motofog equipment now forming a key part of BooBoo’s rental offering, the company has one of the largest dust-suppression fleets available for hire in the country. 

The recently delivered DustBoss DB60 system has already been put to the test on a large-scale demolition project on the Isle of Dogs, close to the financial heart of London, where contractors Erith Group are keen to have the best and widest coverage of dust suppression available to ensure minimal impact to nearby residents and the environment.   

A spokesman for the demolition firm said the DustBoss DB60 system has the best performance of any dust-suppression unit they have tried to date with an impressive 65m throw and 1,900 sq m coverage. 

He explained: ‘The unit uses a high-powered fan to drive air through a ring of high-pressure water jets, creating a tunnelled water vapour mist which is proving very effective. As a result, it is providing great coverage where there is concentrated demolition activity – reducing not only the effects on nearby residents but also our own workforce.’ 

The DustBoss DB60 mobile dust-suppression unit has also been successfully deployed on a demolition site in Wakefield, where a multi-storey car park (on Rishworth Street) near residential homes, offices and civic buildings was taken down. 

Contractors DSR Demolition consulted with Wakefield Council and advised a controlled ‘blowdown’ collapse provided the quickest and least disruptive option. Two DB60 units – one positioned at each end of Rishworth Street – were used to provide containment and post-explosion confinement, helping bring dust particles down as quickly as possible within the immediate demolition site.

In addition to the DustBoss equipment, BooBoo and Inmalo supplied four JCB G66QS 60kVA generators to provide a dedicated power supply on site. 

‘We are delighted to be working with BooBoo Plant Hire, who see the positive effect that DustBoss is having on these major projects,’ commented John Polak, managing director of Inmalo. ‘The DB60, with its robust build and significant power and range, backed up by three-year warranty, has allowed BooBoo to reach out to their biggest customers with confidence.’

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