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Billy Bowie buy two more DISAB vacloaders

Waste-management and disposal company add top of the range vacloaders to their fleet

Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd, the Kilmarnock-based waste management and disposal experts, have added two more top of the range DISAB High Tip vacloaders to their fleet of specialist vehicles.

Investing nearly £700,000 in the two new DISAB LN200/9-1812 HTs, the Billy Bowie team is delighted to have two more DISAB suck and blow vacloaders coming on board in addition to the four DISAB units they already operate. The entire Billy Bowie fleet now numbers over 80 specialist vehicles for dealing with every type of moveable waste requirement.

Billy Bowie, managing director, explained his reasons for buying the DISABs: ‘We believe in having the most modern, efficient and technically advanced fleet we can, so we’ve been purchasing new DISAB machines over the last 15 years at the rate of one new unit a year.

‘For the last six years or so, we have been specifying DISAB’s new ‘High Tip’ units, because we’ve found them to be excellent for emptying sludges directly into open skips, and similar operations which require very careful and accurate handling of waste material.

‘Our policy is to keep the vehicle fleet up to date and in top condition, so we sell off the older units after six years or so. We’ve also found the residual value of DISABs to be particularly good, which makes the investment in a new one much more attractive.’

General manager Alisdair Clark has plenty of experience operating DISABs: ‘Reliability and performance are key factors for us, but besides giving us those benefits, the DISABs are ‘multi-capable’. So when we send out a DISAB machine to do a job, we and our customers can rest assured the job will get done quickly and efficiently.

‘We’ve used other air-flow-based machines in the past, but nothing else compares to a DISAB in terms of vacuum efficiency, pulling or suction power and for that matter, blowing power. The net result is that our DISABs can often do in a lot less time what another unit may need hours or days to achieve.

‘The DISABs we specify have a separate 9-litre Caterpillar donkey engine that runs on red diesel legally, so running costs are not only significantly cheaper but the operators can also focus on the waste removal task.

‘All of these, combined with their other advantages, make DISAB’s vacloaders the obvious choice, and so it’s great news for us and our customers that we’ve two more coming on board shortly.’

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