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Sibelco UK choose DISAB CompVac system

DISAB CompVAC industrial vacuum cleaning machine

DISAB vacuum cleaner helps deliver greater cleaning efficiency for industrial materials supplier

SIBELCO UK have been using a DISAB CompVac industrial vacuum cleaning machine for general cleaning and dust and waste removal at four of their sites in the South West region.

Refining manager Peter Watkins explained it was the DISAB CompVac filtration that attracted Sibelco UK. He commented: ‘We chose the CompVac because we could specify it to have HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of particles of 0.3 micrometres or larger. With some of our products being as fine as talcum powder, this level of filtration is essential.

‘The CompVac’s filter compartment contains a cassette filter with flat filter bags and filters made from specially treated polyester needle felt, providing a surface area of 10 square metres.’

The industrial cleaning machine removes around two tonnes of dust and waste material, spillages and shreddings (from 0.3 microns up to 50mm) per week. Prior to the CompVac unit, Sibelco had a team of operatives kitted out in correct PPE and RPE manually cleaning up the sites using brooms, brushes, buckets and wheelbarrows.

‘Doing this manually was very time consuming and inefficient,’ said Mr Watkins. ‘More importantly, we needed to improve manual tasks from an airborne-dust perspective, thereby reducing personal dust exposure when dealing with the very fine powder type of waste which, when swept or brushed, can easily become airborne.

‘Health and safety is at the forefront of our business culture, so after a short trial with the CompVac system it was an obvious solution. Our operatives have seen a great benefit in reduced exposure and ease of use. The CompVac is much easier and quicker than doing things manually and being vacuum-based it is ideal for the very fine powdery dust.’

The cleaner’s fully enclosed system from cleaning head to internal hopper ensures maximum dust removal, minimizing the risk of dust exposure to those doing the cleaning tasks as well as reducing the general on-site dust levels.

The CompVac unit is easily portable using a forklift and only needs 32-amp welding sockets around the site to provide the power. Operators can use rubber or antistatic PVC hose with the vacuum. It is also powerful enough to run centralized pipework systems or up to 100m of hose.

Inlet and outlet silencers help reduce operating noise levels, while collected material is first separated in a specially designed fall-chamber hopper, and then discharged via a manually operated door. Cleaning of the filters is automatic, normally set up at timed intervals or when the unit is switched off.

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