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Abraservice UK introduce latest wear-resistant solutions at Bulk 2013

Creusabro wear-resistant blades

Creusabro Dual abrasive-resistant steel introduced at MHEA’s Bulk 2013 conference

Steel specialists Abraservice UK, formerly known as IMS UK, have extended their range of wear-resistant materials with the addition of Creusabro Dual. 

The new product was introduced to the UK market by Gilles Gros, product manager for the company at the Materials Handling Engineers Association (MHEA) 2013 Bulk Handling Conference in May. 

Creusabro Dual is a new, advanced, high-performance grade of abrasion-resistant steel additionally alloyed with a high titanium content of 0.6% and is one of the new wear-resistant solutions being presented by Abraservice UK. The company say that it is the only water-quenched, wear-resistant steel, at up to 590 brinell hardness, currently available on the market that offers customers such high abrasion resistance combined with high resistance to heat < 450 degrees C.

The Creusabro range of materials - Creusabro 4800, 8000 and Dual - offer solutions to fight against abrasion, impact, corrosion and heat of < 500 degrees C, in highly demanding environments to prolong the life of wear products and fabrications used in many different industries from quarrying, mining and bulk handling through to cement production, construction, and metal and wood recycling.

The presentation by Abraservice UK focussed on the proven benefits of the Creusabro wear-resistant solutions shown through a number of field tests and case studies from within the quarrying and mining, bulk handling and cement production industries. Side by side testing of these materials against standard water-quenched 450 HB or 500 HB steels shows benefits of up to 92% increase in the wear life of parts.

To see the full presentation given at the 2013 Bulk Handling Conference and the benefits of these products please email [email protected].

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