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Health and safety


12 July 2021 | Health & Safety

Overcoming the challenges in the mineral extraction and processing industry

25 February 2021 | Health & Safety

James Thorne, chief executive officer of the Institute of Quarrying, discusses how the pandemic provides a timely reminder of the importance of strategic risk management

13 November 2020 | Health & Safety

Iain Ormrod, general manager at Chepstow Plant International (CPI), discusses how COVID-19 has reshaped the quarrying and aggregates sector so far, explains CPI’s response to the crisis and looks...

12 August 2020 | Health & Safety

Meeting HSE requirements in a pandemic with silo protection systems

27 February 2020 | Health & Safety

The Institute of Quarrying discuss the need for a cultural and behavioural shift away from health and safety being conscious 'good practice' to it becoming the unconscious norm

27 February 2020 | Health & Safety

The first day back to work after the festive period can be tough as people switch off their ‘out of office’ notices and get back into the mindset of work. However, Aggregate Industries take a...

11 September 2019 | Materials Processing

McLanahan discuss the key priorities for ensuring overall site safety and safer crushing operations

04 June 2019 | Health & Safety

Progress on the MPA’s high-consequence hazard strategy

15 January 2019 | Education & Training

How new quarry operators Callycombe Aggregates are gaining essential skills and knowledge on health and safety

31 May 2018 | Health & Safety

Ben Williams talks about EPC-UK's dedication to health and safety excellence and the importance of leadership in employee engagement

31 May 2018 | Health & Safety

David Wadsworth, UK sales manager at Hycontrol, discusses the health and safety issues in maintaining silo safety equipment at height and puts the case for ground-level testing

11 December 2017 | Health & Safety

First in a new series of quarterly updates from the Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee

06 December 2017 | Loading & Hauling

Chepstow Plant working with clients and equipment partners to maintain the best possible levels of safe working practice on site

06 December 2017 | Loading & Hauling

Bell Equipment establish position as safe tipping software forerunners with help from Chepstow Plant

02 February 2017 | Health & Safety

MPA Health & Safety Conference and Awards 2016 demonstrate that ‘Safer by Sharing’ is alive and well